Why You’ll Love to Love Lime Crime

If you’re a lover of vibrant colors and bold makeup that really makes a statement, you are in for a real treat. Doe Deere, a young woman with superior style and boldness in her fashion statement created the perfect line of cosmetics. This line called Lime Crime features only the most exciting, vibrant colors of lipsticks, eye shadows and more, you’ve ever seen. You will fall in love with these products in an instant. Doe Deere sits down to talk about where her passion for makeup came from and how Lime Crime came about.

As a child, she always had a strong love for wild colors. She would play dress up in her mother closet, being sure to accessorize with everything imaginable. At her very first sleepover, she realized her love for cosmetics when her and her friends decided to experiment. It was at that moment she realized her life would involve makeup in more ways than just one. As a young adult, she came up with some formulas and designed and made her makeup. She started out with just a small eBay store as a side hobby. Lime Crime came about when she decided to use her favorite color. The name just stuck, and though it became a big phenomenon, she is happy to have a name that is easy to remember.

Throughout the interview, Doe Deere refers to her many fans as unicorns. She explains that people who enjoy so much color must be like unicorns. Vibrant, bold and colorful! Turning her love of makeup and color into her career has been her biggest success and she couldn’t be happier. She has even been named one of the best women entrepreneurs of 2016. Lime Crime’s fame continues to grow, for its uniqueness and boldness. That is what is really in right now- being different!  Join the discussion on Tumblr, and be sure to share your own images, of your Lime Crime creations.