Getting a Loan Through Equities First

During a downward trend in the credit markets, one of the most challenging types of loan products to get is an unsecured personal loan. In today’s economy, getting a personal loan that has no collateral is becoming next to impossible. It is also likely that it will be a long time before getting a personal loan with no collateral will be a reliable source of capital.

For people that need to raise capital quickly this can be devastating news. While getting a loan with no collateral maybe challenging, there are still ways that an individual can get capital and cash quickly. One of the best ways to get a loan is to get a loan secured by your stock portfolio.

A stock or equity secured loan is greatly preferred compared to other forms of loans, from a lenders perspective. The main reason for this is because these assets can be liquidated very quickly. When they provide this type of financing, a bank will receive a pledge and ultimate control of the account. This means that the bank will be able to sell the stock it needed to pay off the loan. Since this type of financeing comes with a easily liquid later collateral, banks often provide competitive rates and repayment terms.

If you are looking for a personal loan and have a stock account to pledge as collateral, a great place to start is with Equities First. Equities First is a form that specializes in providing unique financing solutions to its customers. Since the company was founded about 15 years ago, they have been a leader in stock secured financing options. The company has completed over $1 billion worth of loan transaction and has the ability to complete loans of all sizes. The company also boasts the ability to close loans quickly allowing you to get access to capital in a short period of time without having to sell stock.

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