Actor’s Best Films: Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington


Hollywood has produced a lot of great movies over the years from all genres. Some will even suggest movies to you because of a certain actor in the movie who turns in a brilliant performance. We will be discussing a few movies with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, among fans and critics, are considered some their best work.


Morgan Freeman is one of the most versatile actors in the world. He has earned much praise for his roles, but of his many performances, people consider these movies to be his best. Those movies are The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar, and the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Shawshank and Million Dollar Baby are some of his most well known dramatic roles. In the Batman trilogy, while he is not the main focus, he still turns in a great performance. There are many others and I would suggest seeking out a few.


A Denzel Washington filmography examination proves is just as good and has just as many great movies. The man deserves recognition for all his accomplishments, but we’re here to talk some of his best. Movies many would suggest from Mr. Washington are Malcolm X, Training Day, and Crimson Tide. All his roles in these movies play to his strengths as an actor. These are just a few must sees however.


Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman have too many movies great movies to name. Many people have many different suggestions as to their best movies. But, these are usually always among those lists of the best black movies.